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As one of the Charity Events that he has arranged for the second/final year of his Presidency of the Club, Peter Rostron decided to support a local charity that is close to his heart - The Friends of Dore Abbey. Were it not for the Friends, Dore Abbey would possibly by now have fallen into ruin and so stopped acting as the Parish Church of Abbeydore, leaving the whole region the lesser for it. For more on the Abbey and the activities of the Friends, see Anyone new to the area is strongly recommended to visit the Abbey.

On Tuesday, 5th July 2016, Peter arranged for a number of his fellow Friends to provide guided tours around the Abbey. The Event was publicised around the area so quite a number of people turned up. The tours lasted just over an hour but, because the Abbey has such an interesting history and contains so many items of interest, they could have lasted much longer and still retain the avid attention of the visitors. Well done to the guides, many of whom were Members of the Club.

The extent of the local support for the Abbey was evidenced by the contributions of many volunteers who arranged an excellent tea for the visitors. Thanks to the excellent weather, tables were set up outside in the grounds of the Abbey as well as inside. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Many thanks to everyone who made it possible with particular thanks and congratulations to Peter.


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E16J1 Tea inside the Abbey with lovely strawberries (kindly donated by a local farmer) and excellent scones (kindly produced by a number of volunteers). For the scones, some put the home-made jam on top of the cream whilst others put the jam on first!

[Photo by Geoff L.]
E16J2 Tea outside the Abbey.

[Photo by Geoff L.]