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It is a tradition in the Club that its President should arrange a Charity Evening shortly before his 2-year term expires. On the evening of Saturday, 22nd October 2016, with the help of others (not least David Bond), Peter Rostron did not just rise to the challenge, he mastered it. The beneficiary of the evening was the Ewyas Harold School Music Fund so the monies raised for/on the evening went to help the (primary) school children obtain music lessons, instruments, and such. After everyone had chatted and had a glass of bubbly, kindly provided by Peter from the vineyard at Tarrington which he helps manage, the evening was started with some short speeches - from Peter (welcoming everyone) and Charles Morgan (thanking those who helped raise funds for Dore Abbey through the President's earlier Special Event in July (E16j)). We then sat at our tables and were well entertained by a group of children from the school, with songs and poems. During an excellent meal we were able to watch films of some of the Club's recent excursions. After the meal came the main entertainment - a fantastic performance of songs by Flanders & Swann by "The Probus Three" - David Bond, Martyn Guy and Spencer Allman (on keyboard). It was a very good evening. Congratulations & thanks to all those responsible for arranging the evening, Peter in particular.


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E16O1 The 8 schoolchildren sang a number of songs (including some from 'The Sound of Music'), and a hymn or 2, and there were 3 recitations of poems. Well done all of them, particularly those who were really quite young and those who read the poems. It was very charming and no doubt a number of the guests were reminded of their own grandchildren.

Thanks to Caroline Slough for providing these photos for us (and for obtaining clearance from the school for us to show them).
E16O2 During the meal - a high-quality sausage & mash (with gravy & veg.) followed by a choice of dessert and tea/coffee - we had some background entertainment: the playing of a trio of 'home videos' that had been produced (to a very high standard) by Geoff Loosemore on the 2014 Mini-break to Galway (E14l), the 2016 Mini-break to Yorkshire (E16l), and the 2016 trip to Cambrai (E16m). Most people (we think) found the volume was set at the right level for providing a reasonable background without intruding at all into the conversations that were being held on the tables.
E16O3 The recital of songs by Michael Flanders & Donald Swann was a great success and left some of us wondering how that could be matched let alone bettered in the future. There were a number of old favourites (including The Gnu Song and The Hippopotamus Song), which had most people joining in for at least the chorus. There were also some of their lesser known compositions. No doubt a number of the guests will have been inspired to go home and, in the absence of a DVD of this evening's performance, order a CD or DVD of Flanders & Swann.
E16O4 There was, of course, a raffle that was drawn at the end of the evening. Here is one of the prizes, contributed by a Committee member and won by the Webmaster! The raffle helped us raise a good amount of money for the school thereby ensuring that the evening was successful with both of its main objectives, the other being to provide a good night out for the 75 or so who had paid for the privilege of being there.