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In September 2017, 32 of us (it was going to be 34 but 2 had to drop out just before the start of the trip) - being 9 Members, 8 Wives/Partners and 15 Guests (including some widows of former Members) - travelled to South Suffolk and North Essex, staying in The Holiday Inn in Eight Ash Green, just west of Colchester. The general plan was that, except on the 'travelling days', we would do 2 different things each day but try to ensure that none of it was too tiring. The tour was the first to be organised & led by Peter BG who has taken over the role from Ray Harris. Because Peter is also writing this report, he is not exactly unbiased on how it went (!) but it is certainly fair to say that the feedback after the trip was very positive.

Linked to below is a page on each day. Waiting for each of the participants, as they got onto the coach on the first morning, was an Information Pack, produced by Peter, that provided information on what was planned for the trip. With only a few tweaks on minor details, the plan was followed without any great mishap. Some information on the hotel is given on page E17L1 but for the moment it is enough to say that the hotel suited us so well that it reinforced the view that having a good hotel makes a big difference to this kind of trip.

As in prior years, we used Golden Pioneer Travel as our coach provider. They also arranged the hotel for us. They were very helpful, accommodating the changes in our numbers without complaint (no small thing as, in the last few weeks before the trip, our numbers varied from 37 to 33 to 35 to 34 to 32), and generally being friendly & professional in their approach. The driver was Jonathan Crockett who not only showed himself to be a very competent driver but also was friendly & helpful throughout the trip. Thank you Jon. Thanks also to everyone who came on the trip. There was a very good & friendly atmosphere throughout, with everyone co-operating on being in the right place at the right time.


Reference Day - Date Outline
E17L1 Day 1 - Monday, 4th September Travelled to Colchester by coach, stopping on the way at Shuttleworth.
E17L2 Day 2 - Tuesday, 5th September Visited the Beth Chatto Gardens then had a tour of Colchester.
E17L3 Day 3 - Wednesday, 6th September Coach trip around Constable Country with guide on board.
E17L4 Day 4 - Thursday, 7th September Guided tour of Bury St. Edmunds then visit to Kentwell Hall.
E17L5 Day 5 - Friday, 8th September Visits to Sutton Hoo and The Suffolk Punch Trust.
E17L6 Day 6 - Saturday, 9th September Journeyed back, stopping for lunch at Thame.