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Hergest Croft is on the outskirts of Kington, about 45 minutes from Ewyas Harold via Dorstone Hill. On Thursday 12th October 2017, 41 of us (including 17 Members) had an afternoon walk around the Gardens there followed by a 'cream tea'. Most people went there directly but some met up first at the Memorial Hall in order to co-ordinate lifts. We met at Hergest Croft in time for a 90-minute tour of part of the estate, starting at about 2.30pm. Our guide was Stephen Lloyd who has worked there for 30 years. His talk about the estate, and the input of its owners (The Banks family) over several generations, was very interesting to hear but his enthusiasm was particularly enjoyable when he was talking about those parts of the woodlands in which he had been most involved over those 30 years.

Several of us already knew the Gardens quite well. For others it was their first visit. We saw only a part of the Gardens but saw enough to realise that it was a place worth visiting at different times of the year. At this time of the year, being after a mild autumnal spell, the flowers & bushes were mostly 'over' whilst the leaves were only just beginning to turn. It was easy to see that visiting the place at other times of the year could be even more colourful. Even so, the shades of green & brown were truly delightful and it was a beautiful place to walk around. After the walk we went into the house for an enjoyable cup of tea plus 2 scones with cream & jam, and a chat. That was a pleasant way to finish off the trip.

For more information on Hergest Croft, see its web site here.


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E17N1 We walked around only the woodlands shown in the bottom right of this plan of the estate. Those who had been there before told us that Park Wood (top left) and the Kitchen Garden (bottom left) were also worthy of a visit.

[Map off the web site.]
E17N2 At various times during our walk through the woodland, Stephen stopped to discuss the challenges faced when the trees & bushes were planted. That made it much more than 'just a walk'.

Most of us were glad for a breather at the top of the hill. The clearways were an integral part of that part of the garden as they set up some lovely views.

[Photos: Peter]
E17N3 Stephen was clearly proud of the fact that Hergest Croft contained many Champion Trees & Shrubs, being the largest (tallest or thickest) of their type in the UK. The photo shown may not be of one of the Champions. It was taken to remind us that there were good views looking upwards as well as looking around.

[Photo: Peter]