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In early September, from Monday 2nd to Friday the 6th, 24 of us had a holiday together in Derbyshire. The group comprised 7 members with 6 spouses plus 5 widows/partners of former members plus 6 other friends. For some, this was likely to be their last-ever group holiday - so I must admit that I felt some pressure to make sure that it was a success! Fortunately, it all went very well and it did seem that everyone enjoyed themselves.

As I had done for 2017 & 2018, I prepared an Information Pack for the trip which was given out to all participants shortly before the start of the trip to (a) help them prepare for the trip and (b) act as a memento for everyone after the trip. I have not bothered this year to provide a detailed report on the trip - the lack of feedback on this Gallery has led me to suspect that I am the only person who has ever looked at it (!) - but I thought it worth providing a copy of the Index from the Information Pack and also the timetables provided for each day. [Each document opens as a PDF file on a separate tab.] It is worth noting that Days 2 & 4 provided options when the group split into 2 on those days. This was done for 2 reasons:
- because Chatsworth was "a must" for some people but a "been there already" for others, and
- to provide some not-too-busy days for those concerned about over-tiring themselves.

Thanks are due to Hilary Christmas of Norman Allen Group Travel Limited for her arrangements with the hotel (The Holiday Inn, South Normanton) and the coach company (Astons Coaches of Worcester).
*I had been concerned that The Holiday Inn might be a bit noisy, given its closeness to the motorway, but that proved not to be the case. It was very comfortable. Having our dinner together in our own dining room helped make the evenings all enjoyable, particularly the last night when we had a Quiz.
* Our coach driver, Stuart Telling, fitted-in very well with the group and seemed to enjoy himself.

Peter BG