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As reported on the About Us page, our Club is based in South-West Herefordshire, England. For more information on this area, see relevant links on the Links page.

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MAP01 Map of England (with Wales just to the West, Scotland to the North, Ireland to the Far West, France to the Far South East). Herefordshire is coloured red.
MAP02 Herefordshire and its neighbouring counties. Both Powys (which combines the old counties of Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire & Brecknockshire) and Monmouthshire are in Wales.
MAP03 Herefordshire - showing various natural features including The Golden Valley (west-south-west of Hereford). The Black Mountains are in Wales.
MAP04 Herefordshire (most of) - the main roads. There are not many of them! Ewyas Harold, which is the Central Base of the Club, is just off the A465 which goes from Hereford to Abergavenny (south-west).
MAP05 A closer look to see some of the villages near Ewyas Harold. Apart from the A465, our 'main road' in the immediate area is the B4347 which is the road off the A465 through Ewyas Harold. It winds past Abbey Dore and Bacton to join the B4348 at Vowchurch (not shown). The B4348 leaves the A465 closer to Hereford and goes across to join the A438 just before Hay-on-Wye (see MAP04 just above). As shown on In and around Ewyas Harold, this is Rural England at its best, albeit that we are very close to Wales. Several of our Members live just across the border.