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This page is for any messages that I need to bring to Members' attention from time to time. The only 'permanent' messages I have here are that:
- comments & suggestions will always be welcome for any part of the site (as long as they are friendly & constructive!); and
- even though I may not always be quick to respond to them, I am always open to suggestions for additional contributions to the Gallery.

I am still (after several years) considering whether or not to recommend to the Committee that we offer e-mail accounts to Members, using as the address. If we progress with this, such a facility would be provided free to all Members of the Club and, if necessary, I would (try to) help people set-up their account. [All that would be needed is access to the Internet, whether by computer or tablet or smart phone or whatever, preferably with the facility to record the Internet page that is needed to access your e-mail account as a 'favourite' or 'bookmark'.] If this might interest you, please contact me at

Peter Barns-Graham, 18th December 2018


(1) This site was formally announced to Members at the AGM on 28th October 2014 and was formally adopted at the Committee Meeting on 4th December 2014.
(2) The site is targeted mainly at people who are:
- existing Members of the Club (for whom the Notices page is probably the most important page because it reports on what is happening soon and contains or links to advice on where we are going to visit); and
- those who who are prospective Members or Guests of the Club and who would like to find out more about the Club.
(3) The site has been prepared in a very simple style (some would say in an old-fashioned way) so that it is easy to maintain and could easily be transfered to another non-expert member in due course.
(4) Apart from, the Club owns the following domain: