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This page is being developed to make it easier to find some of the places we tend to go back to from time to time. We will NOT include directions for places that are easy to find if all it takes to get good directions is to look at a web site which has been linked to from either the Notices page or the Archive page. Accordingly, THIS PAGE WILL NOT BE USED OFTEN but it may be used for places for which we have found it difficult to get good directions. Except as reported otherwise, these directions are for getting to the destination from Ewyas Harold, not the other way around.
These directions are provided in good faith but be warned that, particularly if it is indicated below that the route has not been fully checked, they may not be fully reliable! E&OE!

Directions included for:
1. The Hogs Head Pub, Great Treadam
2. Mary Powell's Farmhouse, Upper Newton
3. The Bull's Head, Craswall

Note: Directions are only being provided here if the places are difficult to find. That may mean that the Post Code is not enough for your SatNav to take you directly to the exact place. We try to provide precise co-ordinates below. Note that SatNavs differ as to how co-ordinates should be inserted. For example: for The Hogs Head below, N: 51.83499° ; W: 2.89893° may have to be input as N: 51° 83' 50" ; W: 2° 89' 89", rounding the seconds figure when more decimal points are given than your SatNav can take. That may take you to the nearest 20 metres rather than the nearest 2 metres (or similar) but that should do!

Great Treadam
Llantilio Crossenny
Abergavenny NP7 8TA
This pub/events-centre used to be used by the Club for a few years as the location for our annual Skittles Event, normally in January. [2018 was the last year for this as the centre stopped its skittles faciilty.] The web site at provides a Google Map link to help you find it. However, as it is somewhat 'in the countryside', the additional information provided here may prove helpful.


Basic location
The pub/centre is about 3 miles as the crow flies east-north-east of the outskirts of Abergavenny. It is off a minor road which connects the B4521 (Old Ross Road - from Abergavenny to Ross) and the B4233 (from Abergavenny to Monmouth). It is about 2 miles from the B4521 and about 1 mile from the B4233.
Simplest route from Ewyas Harold
Down the A465 towards Abergavenny. Continue (about 10 miles) until a short bit of dual carriageway where turn left onto the B4521 to Skenfrith & Ross ('the 'Old Ross Road' which goes behind the Skirrid). Continue for about 3½ miles then (about ⅓ mile after Lanes Garage on your left) turn right, signpost directing to Treadam (2 miles) & Llantillo Crossenny (3½ miles) with small sign to The Hogs Head. The pub/centre is about 2 miles along that road, reasonably well signposted, up a drive on your left.
If using SatNav
The postcode (NP7 8TA) is quite reliable. The precise location is N: 51.83499° ; W: 2.89893°.
WARNING: If you try to follow all of the instructions given by your SatNav, it is very likely that you will get into trouble!
If you are leaving from Ewyas Harold or thereabouts, ignore the early instructions given by your SatNav. Instead, drive down the A465 towards Abergavenny until you are well past Pandy. After that, SatNav should do the job well.

From Ewyas Harold, SatNavs tend to direct you EITHER via Grosmont then Cross Ash then 'cross-country' OR through Llangua then 'cross-country'. Unless you already know the area very well, we strongly advise that you ignore SatNav until you are south of Pandy (on the A465). Otherwise, SatNav will lead you onto tracks that you really do not want to go down - particularly if it is dark or the weather is bad.
Upper Newton
Newton St. Margarets
For a few years we held our annual Ladies Night at Mary's Farmhouse, deep in the countryside. Mary does not operate a web site but she may be contacted at 01981-510295.


Basic location
The farmhouse is south of Newton St. Margarets, a few miles north-west of Ewyas Harold. It is accessed only by minor roads.
Most direct route from Ewyas Harold @@ Directions incomplete & not yet checked @@
Go (past church) through Dulas towards Longtown. Turn towards Michaelchurch/Newton St. Margarets. (First?) left after sign to Bacton.
- click HERE for a hand-drawn map (kindly produced by David Mills) which opens on a new page in PDF format.
Alternative route - simplest?
Go through Abbey Dore to Bacton. Drive through Bacton (bearing right before the lane to the church) over the top of the hill. At junction/cross-road (where left used to be for 'Toi et Moi'), turn right to Newton St. Margarets & Michaelchurch. [Road goes down-hill then up-hill again.] Go straight across the next cross-road (where left is to Longtown), carrying on towards Michaelchurch until junction with signs left for Longtown & right to Michaelchurch. Take that left turn to Longtown. First on the right, after about a quarter of a mile, is the road/lane down to the farm (the sign for Upper Newton is sometimes partly hidden in the hedge). The farmhouse is about a quarter of a mile down that road/lane, after 3 cattle grids.
If using SatNav
The postcode (HR2 0QU) is quite reliable, probably taking you down the road/lane to the farmhouse to within a hundred yards or so of the farmhouse. The precise location is N: 51.99141° ; W: 2.97286°.
An old drovers' pub, this was closed in 2014 with the owners at that time wanting to convert it into a private residence. However, local objections won the battle to keep it as a Public Inn. In 2021 it was converted into a modern 'gastro pub', to be re-opened to the Public in November 2021, and on 1st December 2021 Probus will become one of the first groups to use it as a lunch venue.
Web site at


Being the exception to prove the rule, this pub is not really too difficult to find but it does need some perseverance. It is 5 miles along the rural road from Longtown to Hay but it seems longer!
What3Words references: midfield.scrubber.replays or suspends. hike.snacks


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