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NOTICES - what is happening next + what members should be doing about it


OUR DIARY for 2020 is shown below. Events earlier in the year (and in previous years) are shown on the Archive page.
* The destinations' web sites normally contain directions on how to get there but, for a few places, the Directions page may be useful.
* The Monthly Meetings are held in the Functions Room (upstairs) at The Temple Bar Inn, Ewyas Harold. Unless they clash with a Bank Holiday, they are always on the 4th Tuesday of a month (which is not always the last Tuesday of the month).
* Speaker's Friends: You will probably find that the Speakers page is useful.

What Members should be doing
* CORONAVIRUS: You will surely be aware of the widespread concerns about the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19. We are not experts on this matter and so expect Members to investigate the matter themselves and take such precautions as they believe to be appropriate. We will attempt to advise Members promptly should we have anything further to report on this matter. We ask all Members to advise one of our Committee Members promptly should they experience symptoms themselves or otherwise have relevant information that they think should be shared with other Members.
* Most if not all of the events identified below as 'UNDER CONSIDERATION' will probably be cancelled or postponed because of the coronavirus. A decision on each will be made in due course.
* Minibreak: With the cancellation of the March Monthly Meeting, 24th March ceased to be a 'target date' for the release of the Invitation Letter. Peter is keeping an eye on the situation and will report on this page when he has any news as to whether or not the Minibreak will go ahead.
* Please do reserve the dates for all of our forthcoming events!

Date Event and Location Notes / Action required
2020   SF = Speaker's Friend ; sw = swapped with ; tba = to be advised ; tbc = to be confirmed
Tuesday, 21st April Visit to Stratford-upon-Avon: Butterfly Farm and river cruise CANCELLED/POSTPONED
Tuesday, 28th April Monthly Meeting UNDER CONSIDERATION (SF = tba)
Monday, 4th May Annual Event - Golf Day UNDER CONSIDERATION
Tuesday, 19th May Visit to Lower Hope Gardens CANCELLED/POSTPONED
Tuesday, 26th May Monthly Meeting UNDER CONSIDERATION (SF = Bob Hayward)
Sunday, 14th June Lunch Club at The Beaufort, Raglan UNDER CONSIDERATION (Web site here)
Tuesday, 23rd June @@
Monthly Meeting UNDER CONSIDERATION (SF = John Hook)
Thursday, 25th June Visit to Cotswold Farm Park (Adam Henson) CANCELLED/POSTPONED
Thursday, 16th July Visit to Severn Valley Railway CANCELLED/POSTPONED
Tuesday, 28th July Monthly Meeting UNDER CONSIDERATION (SF = Ian Howie)
** August [Annual Event - Ladies Night?] UNDER CONSIDERATION
Tuesday, 25th August Monthly Meeting UNDER CONSIDERATION (SF = Sam Hughes)
14th to 18th September Minibreak to Dorset See the note under 'What Members should be doing' above.
Tuesday, 22nd September @@ Monthly Meeting SF = Glyn James
Sunday, 11th October Lunch Club at The Loughpool, Sellack Web site here.
** October Visit to Gloucester (including the Rugby Club) Details tba in due course.
Tuesday, 27th October Monthly Meeting SF = tba
Friday, 20th November Special Event - President's Charity Evening Details tba in due course.
Tuesday, 24th November Monthly Meeting SF = Richard Lloyd
Sunday, 6th December Lunch Club at White Haywood Farm Restaurant, Craswall Details tba in due course. Web site here. Directions here.
Tuesday, 8th December Annual Event - Christmas Meeting Details tba in due course.

N.B. Dates shown with @@ are to highlight the fact that, whilst the date for the Monthly Meeting is the 4th Tuesday of the month, that is not the last Tuesday in the month.